06 April 2015

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!

In Australia around Easter time you can expect to find hot cross buns selling in every supermarket and bakery in town.  They are a must have at this time of year.   However, in Singapore they are an extremely rare commodity.

After seeing lots of pics of hot cross buns on Instagram, I was having a serious craving for them.  We had no big plans for the long weekend so I decided to try baking them for us.  I was very chuffed as they turned out great! We even ended up making two batches over the long weekend as we brought a dozen over to our friend's place for Easter Sunday lunch.

They are surprisingly quite easy to make but it just takes a bit of time as you have to wait for the dough to rise and proof.

I googled and found this recipe from the BBC which seemed the easiest and most fuss free.   I skipped the fresh fruit and just used 230g of dried mixed fruit.  I also used marmalade/other citrusy jam for the glaze as I didn't have any apricot jam at home.   I used plain flour for the first batch and bread flour for the second batch.  I recommend using bread flour if you can, it yields much tastier results!  Happy Baking!


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